Zahntech Automotive Service
4.94/5.00, based on 174 ratings; 134 user reviews

  David, 02/13/2020

It's about as straightforward as it gets. The shop tells you what's up, you bring your car in, they take you to work, they fix the issues, and they pick you up from work. No drama.

  David, 01/16/2020

I'm very pleased with using Zahntech for my auto repair needs. They're conveniently located near my work, and they also have a service to drop me off and pick me up from work which saves a lot of logistical headache. John and his master technicians are very upfront and straightforward on what your car actually needs. They won't fix things that don't need fixing.

  Ken, 01/02/2020

Zahntech expertise is tops -- they carefully diagnose and cure -- can't ask for more than that!

  Rebecca, 12/26/2019

I?ve been coming here since 2014 I think, & I trust them emphatically.

  John, 11/14/2019

Zahntech is simply the best and most reliable auto service shop you can use. Their work is the highest quality with the most reasonable costs. You can?t beat these guys.

  Matthew, 10/10/2019

A real example of Professionalism! These are the best mechanics that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They quickly got my car in for an inspection. Accurately assessed the problem and had my car back on the road within the same day. Their prices were much better than what I was paying elsewhere and on top of it, they are very efficient so it takes them less time. I have never been happier with service.

  Mathew, 10/03/2019

Great Service. They stand behind their work. I make the trek from West Seattle to Redmond purely because John and Matthew are so good at their craft and very honest. We'll be back!

  Balaji, 09/26/2019

For my current car, I have used Zahntech from pre-buyer inspection to all the services so far. The staff are very professional and highly knowledgeable. Have always had a great experience. My only complaint would be they are slightly on the pricier side. Other than that, I have been very happy with their service.

  Marie, 09/05/2019

Trustworthy, respectful, thorough, affordable, convenient.

  Priya, 08/22/2019

I have been taking my car for service to Zahntech for 10+ years now. Great communication, quick service, always have time to answer all my questions.

  Jeff, 06/13/2019

I have taken all of our cars to Zahntech and trust them.

  Michelle, 05/25/2019

Great service! will absolutely come back again and recommend this place to friends.

  Ed, 05/03/2019

We trust Zanhtec with all our cars needs.

  Mathew, 04/04/2019

My ten year old daughter asked me the other day before I went to drop off our car for service at Zahntech: "Why are you going all the way to Redmond to get the car worked on?" I laughed and said "Good question." We live in West Seattle and yeah, it isn't the most convenient place to take our vehicles, but I explained to her that I go to Zahntech because I trust Matthew and John to do good work and give me honest feedback about what should be done and the best way to go about it. Several times now, I've had the oil changed at the dealership and they give me a laundry list of work that has to be done. I share that list with Zahntech and they look at the car, consider the recommended work to be done by the dealership and then give an honest answer about what's going on. The steering system, is it leaking, does it need replacement? "No, we didn't see any signs of leaking." New CV joints? "No, we'll make sure the original ones are in good shape and just reboot them." I explained all of this to my daughter and she responded with "...oh, that makes sense. They'll do what they say they'll do?" And I respond with a simple "yep, that's it."

  Rajiv, 03/21/2019

Love the service, quick turn-arounds, constant updates over email and phone, courteous customer care, drop-off and pick-ups to my home, and in general the thoroughness all aroun.

  Teresa, 03/14/2019

Great service in a timely manner.

  Prabhat, 02/28/2019

John is very nice person. I went for oil change on my Scion TC, which was done at a reasonable cost. There were some other inspection he performed and shared an estimation with his authentic feedback about my car performance and when I could take care. He sound like an honest and experienced person. I must recommend him and hope the carry the similar quality services through out. Do not hesitate to try them for sure.

  Leonard, 02/25/2019

Very trustworthy...great service!

  Brian, 02/07/2019

Great Service. Honest, and professional with accurate quotes for cost of work. John went above and beyond . The only shop I trust for my Acura NSX.

  David, 01/03/2019

Very simple mom-and-pop auto shop. ZahnTech does an excellent job of telling you what needs to be fixed, what doesn't, and uses technology tools to help prioritize the jobs.