Zahntech Automotive Service
4.95/5.00, based on 140 ratings; 113 user reviews

  Lei, 12/01/2018

Easy to get an appointment, professional services, trust earned!

  Rebecca, 11/19/2018

John Zahn always explains things very carefully & thoroughly as I'm not a car person. I've been going to John for about 9 years. I completely trust him & Zahntech.

  Karthik, 11/15/2018

Thank you for the excellent service, keep up the good work.

  Derek, 09/30/2018

Zahntech Automotive - Highly Recommended I have been taking my vehicles to Zahntech for 8 years, and they have always done a great job. Honesty Quality and a PRICE I can afford. As a DIY mechanic I am always asking questions and they always tske time to answer, sometimes even showing me on my car in the shop. So glad i found these guys. You should too. Thanks Derek T

  Gwen, 09/28/2018

Excellent, honest diagnostic and repair service in Redmond. After my positive experience with 2 vehicles in one week, I am changing to Zahntech for all my future automotive needs.

  Chris, 09/13/2018

I moved from the Toyota dealership to Zahntech years ago when my Tundra needed a timing belt. Zahntech had higher levels of certification, a longer warranty, and cheaper costs by ~30%. Always friendly and straight forward, happy to drive you to work and pick you up. I suggest Zahntech to all of my family and friends. Chris

  Karim, 09/06/2018

Zahntech has been my go to shop for the past 10-12 years. They have worked on 10 different vehicles and never once have I had any issues with their work. They always take care of their customers.

  Doug, 08/23/2018

John Zahntech and company performed their work very "Professionally", Thank you, Doug

  Ruth, 07/30/2018

John and Matthew are great. I've been coming here for years with my TDI Beetle, Sienna, and now my daughters Mini. Matthew went above and beyond to find the problem with the Mini and really understood the issues with the problem we were having. They always stand behind their work.

  Jeff, 06/21/2018

Great shop, very honest and up front with an issues and what's required to fix them! Thank you again!!

  Elaine, 06/14/2018

Courteous, friendly, helpful people doing an excellent job of keeping my cars in good shape. They do the regular maintenance that is needed and if it is not needed, they don't do it. Fair pricing, too. They are tops in every way!

  Katelyn, 06/07/2018

Great customer service! I felt very comfortable having my car serviced at Zahn Tech Auto. My car was taken care of in a timely matter and everything was explained to me in great detail. I will be taking my car back for any other services needed in the future.

  Joan, 05/10/2018

You are the only car repair place I trust. Years ago, when I was driving the VW Golf, and the check-engine light stayed on, I took it to quite a few places who always just looked at the machine and said I needed to replace something (I forget what). But then I heard about you and you actually looked at the car engine and found the problem! I will continue to rely on you, even though I live in Seattle. Thank you, Joan

  Jeff, 05/06/2018

I trust John and the crew with my vehicles.

  Travis, 04/26/2018

Zahntech is awesome. I trust them more than anyone who has worked on my cars in the past.

  Erik, 03/08/2018

Taken my car there for oil, brakes, pressure sensor issue, and a couple leaks. Prices seem competitive and haven't had any problems after the repairs.

  Marie, 03/08/2018

Good, honest staff. Prompt, thorough service every time I bring my car in for maintenance/repair. Clean, comfortable reception/waiting room. All of this is much appreciated.

  Drewes, 03/01/2018

I have a 2005 Mini Cooper S, and trust Zahntech to keep it in tip top shape. Friendly staff who know what they're doing, a clean shop, and they shoot straight -- no upsells or other shady practices. They stand by their work, and I recommend them to all my friends.

  Ane, 02/22/2018

I am so happy to have an honest mechanic! John has never charged me for looking at an issue, and always informs me if anything needs to be done in advance so I have a chance to save up for it- like the 60,000 mile check- I had no idea that would be more (yes I was once a first time car owner). John has saved me after I went ?rouge? and had my oil changed at a jiffy lube due to a rather desperate time crunch. What was meant to save me time ended up being a nightmare! I called John at Zahntech and he fixed my car in a jiffy, no charge, just happy to help his customer. Needless to say, I will keep bringing my cars to John at Zahntech as I have for about 10 years.

  Michael, 02/22/2018

I feel I csn really trust them to check things out and suggest what is needed to keep my car running great. I've never had the feeling that they have suggested anything frivolous. And everyone there is both really nice *and* very competent.